Starlink Speed Test

Welcome to our Starlink Speed Test, your go-to resource for measuring the performance of SpaceX's revolutionary satellite internet service.

Starlink, a trailblazing project by SpaceX, is reshaping the way we connect to the internet. With a constellation of over 4,000 mass-produced small satellites orbiting Earth, Starlink provides satellite internet access to over 53 countries and counting, aiming for global mobile phone service after 2023.

Are you part of the over 1.5 million subscribers enjoying Starlink's broad coverage and high-speed internet? Do you want to know the speed of your Starlink connection? This is the perfect place for you.

Here, you can perform a speed test to measure the download and upload speeds of your Starlink connection. With a few simple clicks, our tool will provide you with real-time data about your internet speed. Whether you're video conferencing, streaming your favorite shows, playing online games, or simply browsing, understanding your internet speed can help you optimize your online experience.

It's easy to use! Just click the 'Start Test' button and in a matter of seconds, we'll provide you with detailed results about your Starlink connection speed. You can use this information to ensure you're getting the most from your Starlink internet service.

Please note: Internet speed can be influenced by multiple factors including:

  • Satellite positioning
  • Weather conditions
  • Physical obstructions.

If your speed test results are not as expected, don't worry! You can perform the test again at a different time or consult our troubleshooting guide for tips on improving your connection.

Empowering your digital life

Start your Starlink Speed Test now, and take the first step towards a smoother, faster, and more reliable online experience.

Remember, with Starlink, the future of internet connectivity is not just here - it's above you.


Última actualización 23 May, 2023